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    Narutoactor's Auto Bigoraphy Chapter one Video Games | Chapet two Hacking


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    Narutoactor's Auto Bigoraphy Chapter one Video Games | Chapet two Hacking

    Post by narutoactor on Fri Aug 07, 2009 5:47 pm

    well I was born in Brooklyn of nyc at the age of 5 my mom got pregnate with my brosther and the apartment we had was too small so we moved to new jersey were I attend private school there I made a friend. who told me about video games I quicky be came a fan with my first game system my mom found at a yard sale(a nes)then at 7 I got the game boy and pokemon gold I watch the tv show and now I was gona play the game.
    years lator I was still good friends with my friend who told me about video games and I went to his house and he shoud me his psp with custum firmware
    thats when I started to look in to psp custum firmware and the I found out about roms and iso then I got a r4 for my ds the I got a emulator for my psp(a gameboy advance emulator)I then stated to serch for some roms when I came a acrose some pokemon rom hacks manny witch were disapointing for they ened to shourt or had crappy fakemon the only hack I liked when I first started hacking was pokemon shinny gold and thats the rom I pritty much learend how to hack from by disicting it with a bunch of programs I found on line and when I was little I had all those pokemon action figures and I remeber I the fake advanver I had and I wanted it to come to life.
    it came out rele crappy and my computer crashed and I lost it anyway so I stopped hacking but a year later during winter break being bored at home thought of giving hacking another go and a wo and be hold I am here now with a year more of maturity and of year I took in school about flash programing (games and flash movies) I am a lot better at rom hacking and restarted my hack from scratch pokemon light.

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