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    Pokemon Elemental Curse


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    Pokemon Elemental Curse

    Post by 07harris on Sat Aug 29, 2009 8:23 pm

    Hello - I am codec - I hope you like this hack!

    Hack Information:

    ROM Base: Fire red

    Author: Yuuichi and Codec
    Progress: 8%

    One Dark Story Night three years ago....
    You woke up from a dream about three scary monsters...
    You heard voices from outside and decided to check it out... Your father and your best friend's father were talking, about something to do with you and your friend...
    All you could do was rush straight at him when you heard the words 'How do I tell him that we are leaving?' from your father!
    tears in your eyes, and his, he bends down and tells you to be strong... he gives you a pokemon, imported from aroud the earth, a choice... Charmander, Tododile or Turtwig...
    he runs down the bridge and leaves behind the pokeballs, 'the choice is yours son, make me proud!'
    Two Years later....
    Your 12th birthday, a message is delivered from a well-known source, your father... is missing... and so is your friend's!
    Present day...
    Your best friend is now a pokemon ranger, he has a minun/pachirisu/plusle, you are a trainer, having collected all the badges in the area, you are to go to the pokemon league! but all that is left behind when as they walk to the river bank together, both you and the ranger see a new pokemon, going into a castle...
    you and your friend go in! its too late when you notice that the castle wasnt there before! and worse...
    you've been locked in!
    You need to get out! you both start exploring, going seperate ways... soon you stumble across a portal to another world, you walk in, you are in some kind of strange world where time doesnt move and three pokemon are battling feircely... including the one you saw in the building!
    you are terrified... this was the nightmare you had the night before your father left, flashbacks, pressure, memories that were forgotton, all at once... they returned!
    you were suddenly in a region different to before, the (...) region!
    Suddenly Ombrenus(mysterious pokemon) fired a aura beam at volchaos!!!! It dogded making the beam go straight at you!!!! (everything fades out)
    You wake up in a hut, an old man is leaning over you, you ask him what has just happened and he explains the prophecy of the 3 elements! he tells you that a chosen one would come from nowhere and save all worlds!!!!
    ....You suddenly know your quest!! - Then he tells you the worst part! .... your father is not only missing... but is dead, "He left you a message though.... that you must defeat team claw and the thirteen kings...
    or not only will this world be engulfed by the mysterois darkness... so will yours!"

    you need to save your other world from being engulfed by darkness, and the only way.. is to battle the 13 kings of (...)
    Then get the pokemon you saw to stop a fight that threatens to destroy all existence!!!
    betrayal lies ahead, escpeccially when you find out who killed your father!


    A whole new region and a whole new mystery to solve
    New hero/heroine
    New story
    New trainers
    New twist
    New Legendaries!






    Support Banners:

    By Me

    By Yuuichi

    Current Bugs/Glitches
    Key: Important Minor Solved

    Big Tile errors when changing towns! Whole trees turn blue!
    OW sprite has some problems!
    Tile editor needs to fix yellow tree problem!

    My team - Blazing Empire
    Kyledove - Great tiles
    Wesley FG - Rival OW sprite
    Cope tiles - awesome castle tile!
    Banjora Marxvile - Inserted an Impossible Tile!
    Mew_Ryn, Forgotten Memory and Kyledove - ROMBASE!
    Archon- Tile inserting
    Reck - Tiles

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    Re: Pokemon Elemental Curse

    Post by narutoactor on Sat Aug 29, 2009 9:42 pm

    Dint yuuchi and wanye are enimeys(or something along those lines)

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    Re: Pokemon Elemental Curse

    Post by hibari_taicho on Sat Aug 29, 2009 10:01 pm

    Well i dont like him, he tryed to get me banned on pc, and thats just poor of him.


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    Re: Pokemon Elemental Curse

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