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    Darkrai's random thoughts of stuff and things! BACON STYLE!

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    Darkrai's random thoughts of stuff and things! BACON STYLE!

    Post by Darkrai on Sat Sep 26, 2009 12:54 am

    old people (the KFC colnel (sp)) > clowns.

    it all started way back in 1870, when the KFC guy wasnt so old. he was driving down a road to go to work, and Ronald McDonald jumped out into the road singing something like this:


    anyway, he did that, and the KFC guy slammed on his breaks. the airbag opened up, cutting his thumbs straight off, and he went to the hospital. there, he met a chicken man who was in the bed next to them, and they started talking about chicken. little did he know the chicken man was a spy from ronald Mcdonald, who was still selling the radioactive hamburgers to people in America. after the chicken man and the colonel had a big argument in their beds over what was better - burgers or chicken - they fought. the thumbless colonel finally got released from the hospital, but he wasnt done with the chicken man, he hated him so much, he cooked him in hot oil, and for whatever reason, put batter all over him. he then fried him like there was no tomorrow. after this was done, his mother was wondering what he was doing, so she went into the colnol's room, and tasted the chicken. she absolutely loved it, so the colonel (sp) sold the chicken to random bums in the ally behind his house. the bums loved it so much, they decided to help out the colonel in making a restrant out of the chicken recipe that the colonel made, and the bums became KFC managers. they started selling chicken in hatred of ronald mcdonald. When ronald heard of this he wasn't happy. he continued to sell radioactive hamburgers and soft french fries to people out of anger, feeling satisfied every time he saw a fat person. so even today, the war goes on between Ronald and the colonel even though the colnel is dead. that little 'R' in the circle after KFC doesnt stand for all rights reserved, it stands for Ronald. he sent out Grimace and his other evil mcdonald coherts to draw an R inside a circle on every single KFC sign in the US to show that ronald still hated him for killing his chicken man friend.

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