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    Possible 5th Generation


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    Possible 5th Generation Empty Possible 5th Generation

    Post by Zentri on Sun Jan 10, 2010 2:13 pm

    There was a picture online that had pokemon listed for the new pokemon movie in japan and there were 2 spots revealing two unrevealed pokemon. Many people are thinking that it is a 5th gen pokemon but others think it has to do with video games. Here is the info I found on Serebii.

    serebii wrote:In The Pokémon Department
    Pokémon Sunday's "Reveal"

    I have been sent several e-mails regarding this. Last night, Pokémon Sunday showed in their trailer for next week's episode that they're going to reveal something in that episode by covering a board with a giant question. As such, the community has jumped up with many people saying that this is confirmed to be a fifth generation Pokémon. While this is possible, people seem to forget that Pokémon Sunday cover many things in their trailers, such as a Magikarp back in May last year so it's best not to jump to conclusions as anything could be under the question mark, especially as it's being shown in the Game Arena segment of the show indicating the reveal is games related. Rest assured, whenever some true news comes out, you'll find it here as soon as it comes so keep checking back.

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