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    Rom Hacking Rules!!!



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    Rom Hacking Rules!!!

    Post by Cynic on Tue Aug 04, 2009 10:30 pm

    Okay, lets start out by saying that here we would like
    Rom Hacking to be very familiar between most members.

    Here are the rules for Rom Hacking.

    - Do not tell a person they are not good
    This is because it lowers their confidence, and
    they think they do not have a chance at being good
    at Rom Hacking. This also falls in between flaming
    a member, so be careful what you say.

    - Motivation is the key
    Most of us need motivation to continue hacking, or do what we do. so please try to help out, other members
    with support, and give them some suggestions once in a while. And if your gonna brag, do it somewhere else
    because we dont need problems.

    - Posting in the correct areas
    - Hacks that are completed go to "Completed Hacks"
    - Hacks that are in progress or in the middle go to "progression Hacks"
    - Plot/ideas go to the "Plot/Ideas Section"
    - Tutorials for Rom Hacking go in "Documents & Tutorials"
    - Tools to help you with Rom Hacking go to the "Toolbox"

    - Be sure you post in the correct areas
    - One last thing, if you need help
    You can visit the Hacking Discussions, there you can
    find more resource if you do not understand the other criteria.

    Well we hope you follow these rules.

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